Getting Started

App Setup in Three Easy Steps

These straightforward actions will deliver the Add-on to your Jira instance just in few clicks:

​1. Open Slack Jira Integration App marketplace page, navigate and click on “Try it free” button on the top right corner.

2. Choose a Jira instance to install app into.

3. Click “Start free trial” and complete the installation

Confirm the Add-on selection by hitting “Start trial” again and wait for a moment for the system to add the plugin to the Instance.

Once you see the following dialog box the app is all set!

Now it’s time to setup the Jira and Slack integration.

Jira and Slack Integration

Once the Add-on has been installed it’s possible to bridge Jira and Slack together.

To do this open Jira Settings and proceed to “Slack Integration” menu item.

Click on “Sign in with Slack” button to authorize the Add-on in the Slack account.

Complete the authorization steps by clicking “Allow” button on the bottom of the page.

Now you can activate and adjust notification settings.

Enabling Slack-Jira Notifications

Once the Jira Add-on has been installed it’s time to activate notifications from Jira to Slack.

To enable system-wide statuses visit Jira Settings then proceed to “Slack Integration” option.

Select “System Channels” tab and press “Create” button on the bottom right.

Fill in basic parameters:

  • “Channel name” (or choose Existing or Direct option)

  • “Channel topic”

  • Optionally invite slack users for the new channel.

Click “Create” button and you are ready to boost your team’s productivity.