Git Integration for Jira


The Git Integration for Jira Software is designed to show a developer's Git commits within Jira for more efficient project management and tracking. It is designed to allow a project manager to quickly and easily see what work is done and by whom on any Jira issue. The app searches your Git repository and indexes commit comments to Jira issues. This app supports connections to GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, GitHub Organizations, Azure DevOps, AWS CodeCommit, Beanstalk, Bitbucket, GitHub Enterprise and GitLab Enterprise repositories.

You can find this app on the Atlassian Marketplace here.

The complete Git Integration for Jira documentation is provided in these guides:

  • Getting Started: get up and running in a few minutes

  • Features: guides

  • Use cases: a library of the most popular use cases for the Git Integration for Jira

  • FAQ: Answers to our users most comment questions and troubleshooting

  • Release Notes: Information about fixes, updates, new features